As widely expected when the controversial system of Employment Tribunal fees were introduced in July 2013, the number of claims being submitted by the public has dropped dramatically.

Regarded by many as a tax on front-line justice, the fees mean that would-be claimants in unfair dismissal/discrimination claims have to find ?250.00 to even lodge their claim and then a further painful ?950.00 if the matter goes all the way to a hearing.

For some who find themselves out of work without any source of income, find these amounts to be beyond them. Prior to July 2013, the system was free of charge.
Companies who are the subject of these complaints do not have to pay a fee unless they submit a counterclaim and costs are more difficult to recover in the Employment Tribunals, especially without legal assistance.

Whilst there is a system of fee remission for certain extreme cases of hardship, it is abundantly clear that those who might have been thinking of bringing a complaint, are being dissuaded from bringing a case.

The number of workers taking claims of unfair dismissal or discrimination to employment tribunals has slumped since charges came into force, a study has revealed.

Unfair dismissal claims have fallen by 73% and there have been huge reductions in discrimination cases on grounds of sex (71%), race (58%) and disability (54%) according to the Trades Union Congress.

The TUC general secretary, Frances O?Grady, said: ?The government is turning a blind eye to the impact of tribunal fees. Thousands are being priced out from pursuing cases each month. Charging people to take a claim has been a gift to Britain?s worst bosses, and it?s allowed discrimination at work to flourish unchallenged.?

The government is being urged to abolish the fees in this month?s autumn statement.

However, all is not lost ? if you think you had a valid claim but are concerned about the costs, please contact us at THE PINNACLE PARTNERSHIP and we can assist you in trying to obtain help with paying the fees and with the expert legal advice necessary to bring about the result you deserve. We do not charge a fee for initial free advice and assistance and can offer a No Win No Fee arrangement in most cases.

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