TOO LATE? Responding to Tribunal Claims

Employment Tribunal Claims might be enough to bring some employers out in a cold sweat, especially the smaller employer with no experience of such matters which might lead to despair and serious concerns over costs and what compensation might have to be paid.

This sometimes can lead to a bury-your-head-in-the-sand attitude and the do-nothing approach hoping it all might just go away. It rarely does!

Once the NOC (Notice of Claim) arrives with the ET1 Claim Form which should set out what evil your are being accused of , you will have 28 days to lodge your response. The NOC will include the exact date by which you need to fill in Response form (ET3) and send it back. It may even contain a date set for the hearing already!


It isn’t a difficult process to respond and can be done yourself comfortably on-line if you wish. You should ensure that you respond with clearly set out but polite arguments as to why you disagree if indeed you do.

Read the guidance here to help you.

You might want to get some advice on how to reply especially if the Claimant is represented by a legal adviser. We will be happy to draft a response on your behalf and give you an immediate estimate of costs which can be spread over monthly amounts to include ongoing employment law advice and assitance for employment related issues.

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Even if you are late in sending your ET3 Response form back, don’t worry ? it’s not necessarily fatal and we can help you get back on track to be able to defend the claims.

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