Employment Law

Different Pay for Men on Shared Parental Leave

Many employers consider enhanced payments for employees taking maternity leave to bridge what can be significant gaps between Statutory Maternity Pay but is it legal to not trickle this down to male employees sharing child care responsibilities by taking shared parental leave?

The Scope of Liability

CHRISTMAS PARTY ASSAULT ? EMPLOYER NOT LIABLE In law, an employer is vicariously liable for the actions of an employee where they are in the ?course or scope of employment? dependent upon the closeness of the connection between the employee in question and the circumstances of the event itself.

Recent Employment Legal Cases

WHEN DOES EMPLOYMENT ACTUALLY BEGIN? In the recent EAT matter of Koenig v The Mind Gym Judge Langstaff P (sitting alone) held that for the purposes of calculating continuity of employment, work outside a contract of employment cannot count towards service under a contact of employment. In that case, the Claimant was dismissed by the […]

And the whistle goes….

Whistleblowing and the impending law change The final whistle may have gone on the football season but we are just about to kick off the changes to the current whistleblowing laws? which now sit in the Employment Rights Act 1996. The 3 key changes will be: Employers vicariously liable for other employees who victimise whistleblowers. […]


As if you didn?t already know, 2013 means major changes in Employment Law!   Last year brought us an increase of the 1 year threshold for (normal*) unfair dismissal claims to 2 years thereby, in theory reducing the number of possible claimants and as we announced more good news for employers is on the agenda […]

Owed Money By An Employer?

If you feel that your last employer owes you money in unpaid remuneration and you have been unsuccessful in recovering it yourself, you can make a claim to the Employment Tribunals. This may take various forms Unpaid wages Unpaid bonus Unpaid commission payments Unpaid notice payment Unpaid holiday entitlement However, you need to act quickly. […]