Employee Fraud & Absenteeism

One of the most worrying areas for employers of whatever size is the possibility that an employee or even worse a group of employees are defrauding the company in some form.

From malingering employees who claim to be sick when they are as fit as the proverbial fiddle to large-scale syphoning of company funds – it’s a nightmare scenario and one which needs dealing with straightaway but it’s not easy to know the best way to grip hold of the problem.

It goes without saying that fraud constitutes gross misconduct justifying summary dismissal

The Pinnacle Partnership can help you in a number of ways from sophisticated private investigation services to monitor and gather evidence of fraud to dealing with the necessary legal procedures in dismissing offenders to avoid possible unfair dismissal claims in Employment Tribunals. We can also assist with criminal or civil proceedings which may be appropriate.

Police assistance is not always easy to come by, especially outside of London and it doesn’t help you to act quickly in a disciplinary setting. Contact us now for free initial advice on your particular problem – 0330 323 0435


We offer a discreet service to employers to monitor employees who you suspect are defraudng the company. We ensure that any monitoring complies with current legislation in terms of Data Protection and Human Rights.

Examples include employees claiming to be ill when they are not and maybe even working somewhere else whilst claiming company sick pay. Surveillance evidence is the best way to confront this.

You may also be concerned about whether staff who are mobile and not based in the office are actually where they are supposed to be. Petty theft or pilfering can also be a huge cost to businesses.

We will liaise with your nominated contact confidentially and guide that contact through the process to validate the enquiry . We will ask you to supply us with as much relevant information as possible so we can reach an early conclusion.

A total of 131 million days were taken by UK employees in 2011, the vast majority of which is, of course genuine but there are still millions of pounds lost to British industry by false claims of illness by employees.

If you suspect malingering or other types of employee fraud?then act now and contact us to arrange an agreed plan to monitor suspicious activity.

We use up-to-date discreet and covert methods incorporating modern technology alongside covert video and photographic evidence gathering.


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