Rights of the Part-time Worker

The Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 introduced new rights for part-time workers.

The measures reinforce the Government’s policy of putting in place decent minimum standards whilst promoting a flexible and competitive workforce.

In February 2002 the Government published two draft amendments to the Regulations for consultation. These cover Comparators (Regulation 2) and Access to Occupational Pension Scheme (Regulation 8(8)).

The Part-time workers regulations ensure that Britain’s 6 million part-timers are not treated less favourably than comparable full-timers in their terms and conditions, unless it is objectively justified.

This means part-timers are entitled, for example, to:

the same hourly rate of pay;
the same access to company pension schemes;
the same entitlements to annual leave and maternity/parental leave on a pro rata basis;
the same entitlement to contractual sick pay;no less favourable treatment in access to training.

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